International students

Nørgaards Højskole is a traditional Danish Folk High School. Classes, morning assemblies and other joint ventures are in Danish with translation into English when relevant. It is therefore important that you can understand and speak English at a reasonable level if you want to attend our school as international student.

We offer a broad range of subjects and activities. We have 8 major subjects for our international students of which the student must attend 2 (one from each group listed below):

Group 1: Ceramics, Media Maker, Outdoor, Nature Food & Brewing 

Group 2: Adventuresport, Art Class, Dance Class, Music

The rest of the schedule consists of different minor subjects (1-3 hours each subject). Additionally, you will be required to attend a number of different collective activities such as lectures, concerts, workshops, study trips etc.

You will not receive grades on anything you do here. You are obligated to attend classes, but what you gain is entirely up to your desire to learn. There are no exams and no strict curricula.

It creates a unique environment for learning and teaching, where direction, structure, and content will constantly develop according to your interests and abilities. However, you will receive a diploma at the end of the stay and you can always request a personal reference from any of our teachers.

Minor subjects
Our minor subjects range from Sport Subjects to Society/debate, Arts and Design and Outdoor life and Nature.

School facilities
The school itself is modern and has some of the best facilities in the country. So when you are not in class you can go for a swim in the swimming bath, excercise in the fitness room, play badminton, football, floorball or any other game you like in the gym, relax in the students café, the school cinema or maybe have a friendly game of pool or table football.

You live together in pairs and you share a bath and toilet with a maximum of three other students. Food and accommodation are all covered by the course fee.

The Danish Folk High School
Studying at a Danish Folk High School is not merely about classes and competences. It is also very much about the experiencing the obligations involved in entering a community where everybody are required to contribute. You will be living together with 80 to 115 other students, and making this work is of course a challenge. But it is also invaluable training in living and navigating in society afterwards with consideration for both your own and others’ needs, wishes and demands.

According to the Danish Folk High Schools’ constitution, this social aspect has a very high priority and it is something we value highly and make great effort to guide and motivate. You are here as an individual, but you stay and live as a group.

Upcoming courses
Fall Semester 2023, august 13th to december 16th, 18 weeks
Spring Semester 2024, january 14th june 15th, 22 weeks

Fee and how to apply
For the upcomming courses, we have a number of positions for international students.
To apply for one of these, you must complete and return our application form.

Please contact PR Manager Mr. Jan Bo Rasmussen or Principal Ms. Karen Friis and then we will get back to you with the relevant papers including our application form.

Read this: International students (PDF-file)

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